"Oh yeah it’s just peachy Sergeant’ Sharp replied as he lay in the mud. ‘Goddamn intelligence reports said a hundred and fifty Jaffa tops, minimal heavy weapons, no air support"
—Russel Sharp
Astrographical information

Milky Way

Societal information


Earth interest

Minor outpost belonging to Kali

Under control of


Out of universe information

XSGCOM Goa'uld Defence: Chapter 36

P8C-441 is a planet with an outpost on the edge of Kali's territory. In December 2002, Cmdr. Sharp led several teams of XCOM troops to attack the planet because of faulty intelligence which had stated that the planet had at most 150 Jaffa and no air support. The planet apparently had closer to a regiments worth of troops and numerous death gliders for air support which had made the battle much more difficult. Eventually they were forced to retreat due to the difficulty of the battle.

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