The Ghostrider-class warship is a class of spacecraft utilized by the Tollan.

Conception of a Ghostrider as per author


  • Length: 500 meters
  • Crew: ~63
  • Power Plant: Unified Field Theory Generator
  • Propulsion
    • Hebridan Ion Engine
    • Asgard Intergalactic hyperdrive
  • Armament
    • 1 Heavy Ion Cannon
    • 6 Ion Cannons
    • 25 Tracking Tracer Laser Cannons
    • 2 Missile Launch Tubes
  • Defenses
    • Asgard based shields
    • Sensor Array
    • Phase Cloak
  • Ordinance
    • UFT Warheads with 10 teraton yields
  • Other
    • Asgard beaming system

Unit RunEdit


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