The Enterprise was a Ha'tak-class ship under the control of the Tau'ri under the command of Colonel Steven Caldwell. In 2001, XCOM stole the ship from Cronus and took it back to Earth. Back at Earth, modification was started by replacing the toilets. The weapons were also upgraded to include plasma beam weapons, lasers, and several other weapons. The hanger bay was also modified to contain and launch F-302s. The Enterprise spent most of its time in orbit of Earth destroying Sectoid ships, though in 2002, it moved Anubis' asteroid to the Oort Cloud so that the 137km asteroid could be mined. Later that year, it defended Earth alongside the Redemption during a massive Sectiod attack force that was designed to distract it while the Sectoids attempted to take the Admiral Kuznetsov. The battle was victorious and the SGC managed to keep Earth safe and hold the Kuznetsov. In 2003, it alongside the Prometheus, and Admiral Kuznetsov were part of the force attacking Mars and capturing the Cydonia base from Loki. In March 2004, it also participated in defending Earth against the forces of Anubis during the battle of Antarctica where it was destroyed though most of the crew managed to escape.


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