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Ancients, Loki (past), Earth (present)

Cydonia is a region on Mars noted for the famed face of Mars and the martian pyramids. It is also the location where Loki based his sectoid forces until their aggressive eviction from the sol system by XCOM in May 2003.[1]

The face of mars was speculated to have been an abandoned ancient outpost built several million years ago until Loki found, modified, and expanded it. The pyramids however were built by Loki later as Ha'tak landing platforms. In May 2003, X-COM invaded Cydonia and captured the base from the Sectoids garrisoned there. XCOM would later make further expansions and modifications to the facilities there to construct F-302s, Avengers, and Daedalus-class warships. In 2004, X-COM would later dump the remains of Anubis' fleet near the Cydonia base for salvage.


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