The BC-304 was Earth's second generation battle cruiser. Unlike the Prometheus and Atlas which used "off the shelf" technology, the Daedalus-class utilized refined versions of the technologies. The Daedalus-class is constructed at the Cydonia shipyards on Mars. The Daedalus-class is stated to be capable of taking on 3 Ha'tak-class ships and pound them to scrap with minor damage.

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The Daedalus-class uses naquadah reactors as their power source. Like the Prometheus and Atlas, the 304s use naquadah of much higher purity than what the Goa'uld uses aboard their spacecraft. The IOA and XCOM had originally requested that the Asgard provide Earth with Neutrino-Ion Reactor technology, however they politely refused. The Daedalus also uses Elerium for its weapons.


The Daedalus-class has Hebridan ion drives for sublight propulsion and an Asgard Hyperdrive for superluminal propulsion.



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Construction of the Daedalus began in early-to-mid 2004 after a six month break from constructing capital ships. In mid 2004, the Asgard installed various technologies into the Daedalus including hyperdrives, beaming technology, shields, and sensors after the Prometheus, Atlas, and Admiral Kuznetsov were refitted and tested with the various technologies provided by the Asgard.

In April 2005, the Daedalus was sent to Atlantis to aid the Sher-Mal in defending Atlantis against a Wraith armada. After arriving, the Daedalus took part in raid on the Wraith force headed to Atlantis.

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