The BC-303 was Earth's first class of capital ship. The only two ships of the class are the Prometheus and Atlas. A third ship of the Prometheus-class was originally planned to have been constructed, however production of the zapsats put an end to 303 production. The BC-303 program was headed up by Radek Zelenka as a bribe to allow Jennifer Hailey to field test the prototype powered armour.

Power GenerationEdit

The Prometheus and Atlas utilize a naquadah reactor that uses high purity naquadah (beyond weapons grade) as a fuel source. It also uses Elerium for the weapons systems.


The Prometheus-class utilizes a reverse engineered Goa'uld gravity drive for sublight propulsion. It is assumed that during the refit, the gravity drive was replaced with a hebridan ion drive like on the Daedalus-class. The Prometheus also used an interstellar hyperdrive capable of cruising at 150,000 times the speed of light. In 2004, the Asgard replaced the hyperdrive with an intergalactic one capable of reaching close to 41,000,000 times the speed of light.


The BC-303 has 16 point defense laser cannons, 12 of which can be pointed forwards. It also has two Elerium plasma beam cannons that were originally from a Sectoid battleship. Its missile armament consists of Mark VIIIs and Fusion balls that can be launched from twelve missile tubes (six forward and six aft).


The Prometheus-class has shields based off of modified Goa'uld and sectoid shield designs. The upgrades of Anubis' Ha'tak-class ships were also added to the overall design. In later 2004, the shields were replaced by Asgard designed shield generators increasing the defensive abilities of the Prometheus and Atlas.


The sensors aboard the Prometheus-class ships were a hybrid of Goa'uld and Sectoid technology. Later on, the Asgard would replaced the sensors aboard the Prometheus and Atlas with Asgard sensors.

Auxiliary CraftEdit

The Prometheus-class has a fighter compliment of 8 F-302X Grim Reaper aerospace superiority fighters, though it is capable of also handling puddle jumpers, death gliders, and other small craft.

Teleportation technologyEdit

The Prometheus and Atlas utilize ring transporters, transporters from the Redemption, and later Asgard transporters.

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