"Sir the Avenger Class Corvette will not only fill the transport role of the Tel’tak and Skyranger but also the combat role of the Al’kesh’ she said. ‘It’ll be shielded, heavily armed, hyperspace capable and capable of a wide variety of missions"
—Samantha Carter

The Avenger-class corvette was a small spacecraft developed by XCOM in tandem with the BC-303. It is designed as a multi-role spacecraft capable of filling the roles of the Tel'tak, Al'kesh, and Skyranger[1]. In its transport role, it can carry 26 people in powered armor and in its light warship role, it can carry a ripper in the aft bay. It is capable of achieving Mach 8.1 in the atmosphere. The Avenger's hyperdrive is capable of achieving 30,000 times the speed of light (20 trillion Miles per Hour). The Avenger is intended to replace the Skyranger troop transport as the personnel transport.

During the Loop of Kon Garat, John Sheppard and Rodney McKay used a modified Avenger-class corvette to win first place in the race. It is also used to explore various planets within the Tau'ri Protectorate from 2004 onwards.


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